Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sheepskin Boots

A freshly shaven lamb
who's coat was stolen
To make a pair of those Boots
the glamorous creatures wear.

I look at my Boots
Grey as my heart
thin as my lips
That whisper smoke to the air

The spiteful cold
savages my toes
And I am shivering
Cold as the lamb.

I am the lamb
I long for that wool
that warmth and comfort
Pull it over my eyes!
Pull it over my mouth!
Quiet as a lamb

I am shivering
naked as the lamb

Noone cares for the lamb
Raped of his coat,
For he gave but little struggle
When he was held down.
But now he is exposed
Naked and Alone,
still lying on the grass
where the farmer straddled him.